Welcome to Jelu !

With Jelu you can :

  • manage your to-read list
  • track the books you have read and show your history (by year and month)
  • import single books (with automatic online metadata fetching)
  • generate embed codes to display your read books outside of Jelu
  • import you existing history from Goodreads or from a list of ISBNs
  • tag books (to manage genres, lists, custom filters etc…)
  • create custom shelves based on tags
  • import author data (automatically fetch bio and other data from wikipedia)
  • merge authors (because of duplicates, for example an automatic import could have added JRR Tolkien and J.R.R Tolkien)
  • interact with the Jelu API
  • create several users
  • view some stats with your data
  • export your data in a csv file
  • log in via LDAP or reverse proxy auth
  • write reviews, see reviews from other users on your Jelu instance and share public reviews

Links :

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