Metadata fetching.

  • When you want to add a book to your Jelu database you can use the automatic metadata fetching plugins.
  • To get the isbn you can use the built-in barcode scanner

  • There are 3 plugins at the moment.
  • 1- the calibre plugin uses the fetch-ebook-metadata binary (see configuration)
  • 2- the google books API can be used but you MUST obtain an API key from Google
  • 3- the jelu debug plugin is just a debugging tool that prints what parameters are passed to the metadata fetching service, it then let others plugins in the list be called
  • Each plugin can be given a priority
  • When you try to fetch metadata the backend will call the plugins in the following order : from highest order value to lowest
  • The outcome from the first plugin to yield a result is sent to the caller.
  • It is now possible in the UI to change the plugins used and their order on a per-request basis


  • this is only possible if you have more than 1 metadata plugin configured

See the Configuration page to know how to configure plugins.

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