Using Jelu.

  • Jelu will help you track your current, past and future readings.
  • Jelu data is centered around the book, and the preferred way in Jelu to uniquely identify a book is its isbn, so anytime you can provide an isbn (if you don’t automatically fetch metadata online), provide one.
  • A book is unique, it means that for one isbn you should have only one entry in the database
  • Jelu is a multi users app, so multiple users can have different events on the same book
  • It means that when you see a book in Jelu you see a combination of the technical data of a book and your specific user data for this book.
  • Also in search results or on a tag page you can see books that are stored in the database but not in your lists, those books are marked with a red plus sign and double clicking them will open a modal to ask what you want to do.
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