We now have Full Text Search :

  • FTS is case-insensitive
  • When searching with CJK characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), a minimum of 2 characters is required.
  • The order of words is not important: batman robin will match Robin & Batman
  • To search by words in order, enclose your search in ": "white knight" will not match knight white nor white and knight
  • By default, the search will match the book title, isbn10 and isbn13.
  • You can use the AND, OR and NOT operators (UPPERCASE) to build complex queries:
    • batman NOT publisher:dc will match all Batman series not published by DC Comics
    • batman OR robin will match Batman or Robin
    • tag:fantasy author:guin

The following fields are available for search using the field:search syntax :

  • title will search the title. Example: title:"lord"
  • isbn will search isbn10 and isbn13. Example: isbn:"2841720454"
  • tag will search any tag. Example: tag:"fantasy"
  • author will search authors. Example: author:pratchett
  • translator will search translators. Example: translator:couton
  • series will search series. Example: series:lotr
  • language will search languages. Example: language:fr
  • publishedDate will search published date. Example: publishedDate:2020
  • publisher will search publisher. Example: publisher:dc
  • summary will search summary. Example: summary:word
  • googleId will search google id. Example: googleId:1234
  • goodreadsId will search goodreads id. Example: goodreadsId:1234
  • amazonId will search amazon id. Example: amazonId:1234
  • librarythingId will search librarything id. Example: librarythingId:1234

(The idea and part of the code comes from Komga implementation, go check it out :

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